How do I help a child that learn slowly

  • Have you seen a child who is a slow learner? Does the word slow sound familiar to you? This is one complain most mothers have and it has a whole lot to do with their child’s learning pace.

Parents need not to be embarrassed about their kid’s learning pace but be determined about how to help the child attain his or her true potentials. Parents are not supposed to call a child ‘a slow learner’ because by that, the child is already discouraged even before trying. A child who is slow at learning will notice that he learns at a different pace or singled out by teachers, siblings or peers as been slow. This can be humiliating and embarrassing to anyone. As a result, his self esteem and self confidence suffers. This child will consequently always withdraw in an effort to shield himselve from embarrassment.

How to know if a child is a slow learner

  1. The child reach all infants and toddlers stages later than an average child. Activities like crawling, walking, jumping,  climbing and speech comes later than normal.
  2. The child have difficulty over what has been learnt.
  3. The child find it uneasy to interact socially even after many attempts.

As parents, it is our responsibility to slow things down for them. We should give them permission to do their best and patiently nurture them till they reach their potentials. Make available to them an environment and some necessary special tools that will help them to excel.

How to help children who learn sowly

  • Discover the learning pattern that works best for them and use it for them always.
  • Create a study area in your home and always keep them from distractions
  • Give them clues and much explanations in their studies
  • Keep their homework minimal because of their short attention spern.
  • Be patient with them.
  • Be consistent. 

Most importantly, don’t accept the ‘slow’ label for your child.


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