Teach your kid about sex

Written by Shade Imadu

We live in a society where our children are exposed to sexual languages, images and behaviors almost always. Parents should not be unaware that their kids are paying attention to what they see consciously or sub -consciously, kids need to be given proper education regarding sex and sexuality according to their stages of growth.

A parent who want to have a suitable and healthy conversation with  the kid should,

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for the conversation, when your child come to you with concerns about issues, it’s because she needs an enlightenment about it, so she expects a calm and listening ears, giving a case that she tells you about a boy staring at her then you shut her up by saying how old is she for a boy to stare at her? you will discourage the child to come back again for more serious issues.
  • Be real. Whatever your relationship to religion is, talk with your child in the context of your own personal moral views, do away with old beliefs and rumors so as not to get the child confused. Provide simple and accurate answers to their questions for instance, tell your child “it is not proper for anyone to touch your buttocks because it’s a vital body part that is not for public” instead of “nobody must touch your buttocks”
  • Avoid the ” just don’t do it” in sexuality conversations, explain well to them what they should not do and why they shouldn’t do it. Do not use words like just don’t have sex, just don’t get pregnant, just don’t get disease. Tell your child what he/she really needs to know (Our next post will be on what they should know at different ages).
  • Be consistent. Do not say a thing is right today and say it is wrong tomorrow, get your facts right and put them through the right path.


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